Although Asos Eğitim Bilişim Danışmanlık company was founded in 2013 by 3 academicians, its commercialization was carried out in early 2016. Our company, whose title has been registered as Asos Eğitim Bilişim Yayıncılık, serves in the informatics, publishing and consultancy sectors.

Sobiad and; are the most prominent values ​​of our company. These two products via our company an important place in the IT sector has consistently attracted media attention with Turkey's first local and national software.

Asos Education Information Consulting Company organized the symposium, and introduced products at fairs, have made sales to 80 different public institutions in Turkey thus Asos has become one of Turkey's leading companies in the field.

Asos IT Academy with dozens of books published in Turkey so far has been one of the prestigious publishing houses.

Asos Bilişim also produces important software that serves the whole nation, especially the Board of Education and Discipline, which is one of the critical institutions of the state.